35 year old Tyler Charter  has been sentenced to six and a half years for arranging or facilitating a child sex offence and possession of indecent images of children.

An extensive investigation began by officers in June 2022 with intelligence from the National Crime Agency (NCA) showing Charter as a key suspect in grooming young children.

Lead investigator Detective Nikki Jones played a crucial role in the investigation by identifying and categorising incriminating images discovered on Charter’s phone.

The investigative team dedicated significant time analysing data from Charter’s telegram account, including 4,233 images and videos of children.

Additionally, officers uncovered conversations discussing the abuse of young children some as young as three years old.

The court heard how officers built a case against Charter by examining chats, which showed a desire to commit horrific acts, including rape towards children.

Detective Constable Nikki Jones head of the investigation said:

“Our work is crucial in preventing dangerous, high-risk predators from targeting, grooming and sexually abusing vulnerable children in our society.

“This successful operation serves as a testament to the dedication of Met officers in utilising data and technology to serve and protect our communities.

“Safeguarding of children and prevention of these horrible crimes is a top priority and we continue to work with parents and carers to help children spot the signs of online grooming or exploitation.”

Officers arrested Charter at his address in Croydon in September 2022.

During the arrest, he was seen trying to dispose of evidence on his devices before officers stepped in and seized them.