27-year-old Oliver White worked at 247 Kettles, a high value watch store, in Kew Road.

He was found dead in Shepperton on Sunday, the day after two men stole a number of high-value watches from the jewellers.

His family believe he took his own life due to the distress of the incident.

The owners of 247 Kettles say “false statements” circulating on social media around insurance, the value of stock and security in place are “simply untrue.”

The store will remain closed and their thoughts are with Oliver who was a friend for over 20 years.

Full statement:

It is with profound sadness we share the heartbreaking news of the passing of our beloved Oliver, who was a close friend for 20+ years before working with us at 247 Kettles. In his time working with us Oliver left a long lasting impact on the watch community as a whole – both suppliers and customers alike were taken back by Oliver’s vibrant spirit and kind heart and his loss is felt deeply by all that knew him.

We’re further troubled by so many false statements circulating social media & the press around insurance, the value of stock & security in place. We would like to clarify all of the above points in these articles are simply untrue.

Oliver had an incredible work ethic and a passion for pleasing customers. He liked to work around the clock and even out of hours to ensure customers were satisfied. He should never have been alone in the office on Saturday and that amount of watches should’ve never been on display. We have strict security procedures to prevent such circumstances. Unfortunately in these tragic events such procedures were not followed through no fault of anyone’s. Panic buttons, alarms, smoke screens & security doors are in place.

The suspects targeted our store posing as potential clients across a three day period waiting for a vulnerability and the correct time to strike. Unfortunately on Saturday the attempt succeeded in a violent robbery which Oliver was the victim of.

We would appreciate if false rumours could be stopped to allow both friends and family to grieve without additional stress and intrusion.

As a business we will remain closed temporarily to grieve the loss of our friend. Any messages / requests will be picked up upon our return.

Our thoughts are with all of Oliver’s family at this time.