The lift on the fourth floor of Parish Court retirement flats has been out of order since June the 11th.

FirstPort says it is offering to carry resident’s shopping and laundry while the lift in question is under repair.

Bosses say the process has taken longer because replacement parts are manufactured outside of the UK.

FirstPort statement:
“We fully understand the difficulties a lift outage can pose in retirement communities and the Development Manager is continuing to support residents by checking on them and offering to provide support where it’s needed, including carrying up their shopping and laundry whilst the lift is under repair.”
We ensure our lifts are regularly serviced and maintained, with the last lift inspection at Parish Court completed on the 15th of May 2023. However, unforeseen breakdowns do occur from time to time, and we’ll always do what we can to speed up the process to get it fixed.
The lift stopped working on Sunday the 11th of June and a lift engineer attended the development the next day. Unfortunately, the repair process has proven to be particularly challenging, with additional delays caused by some replacement parts being manufactured outside of the UK.
The lift industry is currently experiencing unprecedented delays with parts that are manufactured overseas. This is primarily due to backlog from the coronavirus pandemic and additional supply chain issues. In the event of a fire, a lift should not be used, and residents are aware of this. The development has a ‘Stay Put’ policy in place. This would be coordinated by the fire service.
Unfortunately, we are unable to install a stairlift as a temporary measure, as this would need to be installed in a fire escape route. Installing a stairlift in this part of the building would mean the escape route would no longer meet the minimum width as required by building regulations and could present risk to both the fire service and residents of the property in the event of a fire.”