Alvaro Agudelo and Esteban Llancaman have been convicted of burglary and attempted burglary.

They broke into the property on June the 28th and left within minutes taking a selection of jewellery, watches, and foreign currency.

Investigating officers studied the footage from the homeowner’s doorbell app and car dashcam.

On the dash cam they identified a grey Toyota Corolla parked near the house both on the day of the burglary and the day before.

Checks showed the car was not local it was registered in London, insured to someone different in Luton, and had entered Surrey early in the morning from Brixton on both days.

Believing this vehicle could have been driven there to observe residents coming and going, a marker was placed on its licence plate for it to be stopped on sight by any officers.

Eight days later, on the 6th of July, Metropolitan Police Officers stopped it in the Lambeth area.

Inside were Agudelo and Llancaman along with a number of mobile phones and a rucksack containing screw drivers, pliers, wrenches and specialist lock picking equipment.

Both men were arrested on suspicion of going equipped for burglary and for the burglary in Banstead.

Analysis of their mobile phones placed the men at the site of the offence and revealed they had taken photos and videos of some of the items they had stolen.

Agueldo was also further charged with an attempted burglary from 2021.

On the evening of Friday, the 11th of June 2021, a couple at a property in Epsom heard the sound of breaking glass and went into their back garden.

They saw two men smashing their way into a nearby home and started shouting at them.

The thieves had got into the rear conservatory of the house but ran away once they were disturbed.

Nothing was taken but they did leave behind a crucial piece of evidence.

Forensic officers from Surrey Police found a small droplet of blood on a cushion that had been used to cover the broken glass as the burglars made their way in and out.

DNA analysis later matched the blood to Agudelo.

Detective Constable McBain, from Surrey’s Proactive Investigation Team, said: “I am incredibly pleased to see these two thieves behind bars. Burglary is an invasive crime which can leave people feeling unsafe in their own homes. Often the items taken are not even particularly high value but are hugely sentimental such as wedding gifts and family heirlooms.

“These men came into our county with the sole intention of committing crime but were brought to justice by digital technology and some good forensic work.”

Alvaro Agudelo was sentenced to 20 months for burglary and attempted burglary. Esteban Llancaman was sentenced to 15 months for burglary.