A coroner ruled he died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator being used to pump water away from his house.

However, Zane’s parents say gases from a former landfill site located at the end of their garden killed their son.

Zane’s mum, Nicole Lawler, is continuing to call for an Independent Panel Inquiry into her Zane’s death.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesman said: “our thoughts remain with the Gbangbola family.”

Statement from The Truth About Zane campaign, a decade after his death.

The recent devastating Thames flooding at Chertsey,  is a repeat of what happened 10 years ago, when Zane Gbangbola lost his life and his father, Kye, was paralysed with a diagnosis of HCN Poisoning. ‘Trauma, upon Trauma’.

Film footage from ITV’s recent report on the 8th of January on the Chertsey flooding, shows homes, including little Zane’s underwater, just as it was 10 years ago.

At 4am on the Tuesday, local residents were evacuated by the heroic Fire and Rescue Services. The local Council, however,  have offered residents nothing during the run up to this catastrophic situation. Neither have the Environment Agency, who opened up the Jubilee River overflow to protect residents higher up the Thames, sending huge volumes of water downstream without due warning.

A historic landfill site, which lies next to the Gbangbola’s flooded home, is known to be contaminated and desktop studies have identified “Unacceptable risk”, including risks to life.  Yet, ever since the 2014 tragedy, local authority and council officers have persisted in their refusal to independently test the land. This, despite a resolution passed unanimously by Spelthorne Borough Councillors in 2020 that there should be a full and fearless Independent Panel Inquiry into Zane’s death and the circumstances surrounding it.

An Independent Panel Inquiry for Zane has cross-Party support, multiple trade unions’ support, multiple local and national justice campaigns’ support, including Hillsborough Law Now, and over 118,000 petitioners.

The Post Office scandal evidences the little people are not protected from unaccountable power, with devastating and cruel effects on ordinary people, who have next to zero chance of getting justice.

In this time of scandals coming to light – the Hillsborough scandal, Infected Blood Scandal, Covid PPE scandal, the water company scandal – isn’t it time for this scandalous cover-up to have the lid taken off it? The current government have steadfastly refused to grant an Independent Panel Inquiry into Zane’s death. The next government needs to make this a priority.

We’ve contacted the Environment Agency and Runnymede Borough Council for comment.