The precise crime fighting tool was deployed alongside officers from Croydon and the Territorial Support Group as part of a wider policing operation to tackle violence, including violence against women and girls.

In addition to using the technology, the officers patrolled the areas, stopped and spoke with people, and provided reassurance to the community.

As a result of 22 alerts by the LFR technology ten people were arrested for offences including threats to kill, recall to prison for robbery, and possession of an offensive weapon.

Eight people were also stopped who are subject to sexual prevention orders, and officers were able to establish if they were complying with their conditions.

A further four people who also had other court imposed conditions were identified correctly and their conditions checked. There were no false alerts.

The technology scans faces of people passing through an area against a watchlist of people wanted by police, and sets off an alert when a match is made.

An officer will then review the match and decide if they wish to speak with the individual.

As part of the wider proactive operation, officers stopped and arrested a 24 year old man in North End for being in possession of a cross bow.

Officers searched him and also recovered a pocket knife.