Councillor Barry Lewis, Chair of Environment and Transport for the London Borough of Sutton said:

“Sutton has some of the lowest parking charges in London. In order to keep our prices low, we are encouraging all our residents and visitors to go cashless when paying for parking with the incentive being a discounted rate.

“We understand concerns about people who don’t have a smartphone but you can also pay using a dedicated phone line. This means that those who do not have a smartphone are not excluded from benefiting from the discounted rate.

“Maintaining the parking machines and collecting the money from our car parks has become more expensive. The charge for paying for parking by cash has increased to cover these costs. The charge for going cashless has remained the same though.

“Unlike other councils who have completely removed the option for people to pay by cash, residents and visitors to Sutton still have the option to pay by cash at our parking machines.

“We hope that through the various new ways you can pay – via phone or app – means that more people will go cashless, benefit from the discount and avoid the increased charge.”