It’s after @YourBanstead took to X to voice their dismay about raw sewage leaking from drains into Stagbury Field in Banstead Woods.

They tweeted; “Horrified to see a sewage leak in Banstead Wood inc a condom. Banstead Wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it is an offence for anyone to intentionally or recklessly damage it.”

The “You Little Thief” singer responded by saying “Don’t let Thames Water fob you off with excuses about lack of capacity.

They’ve got a legal obligation to build, operate and maintain a properly functioning sewage system.

Something we’ve already paid them for. Tell them you want a refund”

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We received reports of a sewer overflow in a field near Outwood Lane, Banstead over the weekend. Our engineers identified a blockage and are now cleaning the sewers in the area. Further investigations will be carried out over the next few weeks to ensure no further obstructions are in the pipework. Our teams are carrying out a clean-up of the affected areas and we are sorry to local residents for any disruption. “