If approved by Sutton Council, it will use food waste to create renewable gas to supply up to 8,200 homes.

SUEZ says this would support the UK’s energy security while reducing CO2 emissions.

If the plan is given the green light, building work will begin this year.

Tim Hughes, Project Development Manager at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said:

“We have now submitted our plans for a new anaerobic digestion facility to help create renewable energy and deal with up to 100,000 tonnes a year of food waste from homes and businesses in London.

“We need alternative renewable energy sources to help respond to the climate emergency and rising energy costs and anaerobic digestion is an excellent way to generate energy through the recycling of food waste.

“We believe this is a suitable location as the site is already earmarked for a waste treatment facility, with planning permission for a different type of waste facility that would deal with more than three times more waste than we are now proposing to manage here with this new proposed scheme.”

You can find out more about SUEZ’s proposal by visiting www.suez.co.uk/beddingtonlane