Spectrum, which is painted in the colours of the rainbow to highlight inclusivity,  had been placed near to Kingston Bridge outside Fusebox.

The organisers of the trail say they have CCTV footage and are working to retrieve the giant sculpture from the river.

Ten bears, all uniquely painted, are currently on display throughout the town until June the 7th.

The trail is based on the much-loved picture book by Michael Rosen.

If you have any information, you should contact Kingston Council.

About the Bear “Spectrum” by Christine Jopling. 

Rainbows have long been a marker of hope, whilst representing the LGBTQ+ community and acting as a symbol of gratitude to the NHS. The artist wanted to highlight the importance of inclusivity by illustrating a diverse range of people that make up our community.

About the Artist

Christine is an illustrator based in Pudsey, Leeds. She loves to create fun, colourful images that will brighten the viewer’s day and bring a smile to their face. A little bit wonky, showing texture and brushstrokes, scribbly and freehand, she’s a big fan of “imperfection”! She loves to see, and show, the handmade feel of things. With a particular passion for hand lettering, she enjoys making fun and funky fonts. She loves to draw buildings and places, too, showing their intricacies in a quirky way. She’s also particularly fond of drawing humans and creatures – real or imagined – as she loves the interactions that can be created.