The high-tech, multi-coloured shows are taking place in Bishops Park and Ravenscourt Park this weekend.

The events, which are being billed as London’s Biggest Light and Laser Show, are being welcomed by animal rights campaigners.

A number of animal charities have also previously called for a change in the law surrounding fireworks to protect animals.

The RSPCA wants noise levels reduced and displays to be kept away from sensitive wildlife areas and farms.

Meanwhile, Dogs Trust has tips for spooked pups;

– Stay with your dog. Your pooch could panic if left alone. Having you or someone they know and trust for company will help them relax.

– Don’t go out after dark. Make sure you’re cosy inside and settled well before any fireworks start. Never force your dog outside during fireworks.

– Give your dog any prescribed medication before fireworks start.

– Check your house and garden are escape-proof. Your dog could try to run away if they’re scared so check your doors, windows and fences are secure.