The petition was created by former Deputy Postmistress of New Malden Post Office, and Independent councillor, Yvonne Tracey.

The Lib Dem leader and Kingston and Surbiton MP was Postal Affairs Minister between 2010 and 2012.

Yvonne Tracey said: “At the end of 2015, Ed accepted a Knighthood for ‘political and public service’ which was announced in which was announced in 2016. Presumably, most of this was his work as a Minister for the Post Office.

“We believe that it is only right that he returns his knighthood as a sign of accepting accountability for these gross injustices.

“This action will not undo the damage caused but it will be a step towards acknowledging and rectifying past mistakes.

“Please join us in demanding that Sir Ed Davey return his knighthood over his handling of the Post Office Horizon scandal by signing this petition today.”

Independent New Malden councillor, James Giles, says Mr Davey has questions to answer.

We’ve asked Sir Ed about the claim from Mr Giles.

He has stated he “deeply regrets not realising that the Post Office was lying to him”.

A Lib Dem Spokesperson said:

“As the MP for Kingston & Surbiton, he lobbied the Post Office CEO on behalf of his constituents to bring more services to the local post office.

“Paula Vennells was appointed in 2012, several years before the Post Office’s lies about the Horizon scandal were exposed, while the Conservative government shamefully gave her a CBE in 2019.

“Ed has said many times that he wishes he’d known then what we all know now, that the Post Office was lying to the victims, him and other ministers on an industrial scale.”