The criminal gang were sentenced on Friday at Kingston Crown Court after being found to have imported Class-A drugs from France.

46-year-old Caprice Thompson had 15kg of MDMA in her car worth around £400k when she was arrested on her way back to London.

The border officer, 38-year-old Kevin Smith, was sentenced to two years for allowing Thompson through his booth at Portsmouth port.

He was found to be corrupt by police after CCTV found that he had meetings with gang ringleader 51-year-old David Johnson from in the leadup to the event.

Their relationship had started whilst Smith was working as a prison officer where Johnson was serving a sentence for drugs importation.

Johnson and 49-year-old Sinan Baki, both from Clapham, had drugs found by police in their homes.

Johnson pleaded guilty to importing the drugs with intent to supply, he will serve 12 years behind bars.

Thompson will serve seven years and Baki will serve eight.