Project Description

Presenters – Grant Morris

Grant was born on the Wirral and moved to Chester and then Wimbledon before settling in Worcester Park in 1997. He has always wanted to work in radio ever since the age of 8 when he got his first tape recorder and used to “host” radio shows in his bedroom. He presented a weekly show on hospital radio in Chester before moving to Wimbledon.

After 20 years, he finally got married in 2014 and went on mediterranean cruise for his honeymoon with his in laws!

He enjoys going to the theatre, especially musicals, and if not in the West End, he likes to go to the theatres in Wimbledon and Richmond.

He loves walking on beaches or coastal paths and in the summer you will often find him in Cornwall enjoying the fresh air and amazing scenery. When at home he likes to go to Richmond Park to watch the deer and enjoy the views over London.