Alistair Wright

Alistair has done a variety of radio shows for other stations and has now found his spiritual home at Radio Jackie.

The highlight of his broadcasting career to date was presenting a show from the back of a motorised four-poster bed, whilst being driven through Berkshire!

Away from the station, Alistair plays cricket, his second passion in life, for his local team Crossbats Cricket Club who play at Marble Hill in St Margaret's near Twickenham.

Tuesday nights is Curry Night, which usually involves a trip to The Prince of Wales at Hampton Court then onward to Surbiton and the East of India.

Alistair is the proud owner of all the episodes of Star Trek - The Next Generation & Star Trek Voyager. Mmm!

When he can tear himself away from his Star Trek collection and cricket bats(!), he presents on Radio Jackie.

Join Alistair Wright each weekend from 9.00am - 12.00pm and take part in the Jackie Jukebox at 11am.

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