Stu Davidson

Stuart is a real mover having lived in more than 20 houses and seven counties in a decade he has finally settled in South West London.

He is a lifelong Charlton Athletic fan and his favourite colour is purple

His favourite animals are large cats (the domestic sort) and African elephants.

He cites his idols and influences as Doug Stanhope, Bobcat Goldthwait, Billy Connolly, Robin Williams, John Belushi and Tommy Vance.

He is an avid music, especially Blues, and movie man who is also a pub quiz whizz.

He is not a sun seeker. You will not find him on the beach anytime soon, preferring the cold, he once travelled beyond the 69th Parallel.

Possibly the tallest person in the office, he certainly has the biggest shoes and seems to be sponsored by Adidas as you almost always see his basketball boots first!

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