Kelvin Michaels

It was decided, by a night time challenge phone vote, that:

Kelvin is a local lad, born and bred in Morden, but now living very locally to the tower in Chessington.

His favourite part of SW London is down by the river in Kingston, absolutely beautiful at any time of the year.

His favourite food is Mexican and that includes a tequila or two. The best things about working at Jackie are the attractive newsreaders - he's full of compliments.

Though the other side of the coin is his least favourite thing about Jackie - the unattractive newsreaders . . . by which we believe he means Fletcher's vest!!!

Interesting facts are that he has been made an honorary Canadian by some web listeners and has been spotted salsa dancing at the Driftbridge.

Kelvin is renowned for the best tea and coffee at the station!

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